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About #KwentongClimate

#KwentongClimate is a video series which brings the climate conversation to common individuals. The video series aims to raise awareness on climate change by discussing it through the lens of ordinary people on the ground, in the context of their place/community. The series will feature individuals from different sectors and demographics as they talk about what climate change means to them and their communities/cities, the actions they are taking, actions they are seeing in their cities/communities.

The videos will be a montage of statements, thoughts, or short “kwentos”.

The series will be launched on World Habitat Day event and be featured on UN-Habitat social media pages and website. It will run throughout the month of October 2021, in celebration of Urban October.

Do you have a #KwentongClimate to share?

Send you video by following the instructions below:

  1. Use your phone to record your video. You can use any type of phone as long as it can capture your video and audio clearly.
  2. Place your phone on landscape mode and record your video on “selfie” mode.
  3. Be sure to record in a well-lit area with zero or minimal background noise.
  4. While you can record your video from any location, it is preferred if your background would show your community/city (note: please be sure to observe safety precautions when recording outdoors).
  5. You can record your video in English, Filipino, or any dialect you are comfortable in.
  6. Record four (4) video clips (see corresponding guides per video below):
    1. Video 0 – intro clip
    2. Video 1 – Answer 1
    3. Video 2 – Answer 2
    4. Video 3 – Answer 3
    5. Video blooper (optional)
  7. After recording each video, be sure to check the audio and video quality. Feel free to re-shoot if you think the quality is not optimal.
  8. Sign the Consent and Release Form which can be downloaded here.
  9. Send all the four videos to


Video Guides

Video 0 – Intro clip:
“My name is [full name], I am a [occupation/profile] from [city].
Ex. “My name is Roanne Duran, a sari-sari store vendor from Marikina City.”
“Ako si Roanne Duran, isang tindera sa Marikina City.”

Video 1- complete one of the statements below:
• Para sa akin, ang climate change ay…
• Ang pagkakaintindi ko sa climate change ay…
• Sa tingin ko/ang mga sanhi ng climate change ay…
• Ang greenhouse gas ay/nanggagaling sa…

Video 2 – complete one of the statements below:

• Ang mga nararamdaman kong epekto ng climate change sa aming lugar ay…
• Ang pinagbago ng aming lugar mula noong bata ako/noong [taon] ay…
• Ang mga nakikita kong ginagawa ng aming lokal na pamahalaan tungkol sa climate change ay…

Video 3 – complete one of the statements below:
• Ang mga magagawa ko para makatulong mabawasan ang sanhi ¬¬¬ng climate change ay…
• Ang gusto kong makitang pagbabago dito sa [lugar] ay…
• Sana by 2030…

Video bloopers – optional, you may also share 1-2 videos bloopers.


We’re excited to receive you videos!

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