Support to the Philippine Urban Forum 2001

SUPPORT TO THE PHILIPPINE URBAN FORUMManila, September 1 2001 — This is a UNDP (SPPD) funding support ($258,000) to the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) to assist in operationalizing their National Urban Development and Housing Framework (NUHDF), through the Philippine Urban Forum.

This Forum, chaired by HUDCC, was established as a platform of cross-sectoral government and non-government agencies to discuss their roles in support of HUDCC to implement the NUDHF. Recognizing the need to refine and prioritize actions under the NUDHF, the PUF members coordinated preparations for the National Good Urban Governance Campaign (championed by the LCP on the 10th Anniversary of the Local Government Code) and the National Secure Tenure Campaign (championed by HUDCC and the Peoples Organizations), building on UN-HABITAT experiences in support of launching the Good Urban Governance Campaign in India (2001). The combined Campaigns (supported by a further $70,000 UN-HABITAT grant funds) have now been synthesized into the National Action Agenda (NAA), to be implemented through a portfolio of priority projects which are under funding consideration by various international agencies.

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