Accelerate Progress: Women community leaders in sustainable urban initiatives

Investing in women and girls begins at the grassroots level, where communities are nurtured, and futures are shaped.

In the partner communities of UN-Habitat’s Healthy Oceans Clean Cities Initiative, women have taken the lead in pioneering community solutions to reduce marine plastic litter. In doing so, they have also provided economic opportunities for women in their localities.

Here are some of the stories from our partners in the cities of Manila, Calapan, and Legazpi. Welma from the Women Waste Warriors in Manila shared how training and capital provided for their organization empowered women in their communities. Medelina, President of the Legazpi City Recyclers Association, expressed her gratitude as they were able to establish the first zero-waste refilling store in their city. Fatima and Michelle, from the Dapdap Eco-preneurs Association in Legazpi, conveyed their pride as their organization contribute in reducing plastic waste while providing livelihood opportunities for women in their neighborhood. Lastly, Delia, business manager of a newly established waste picker association in Calapan City, looks forward in gaining profit as they produce traditional buri bags as alternative to plastic.

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