Intergovernmental Actions for Integrated and Innovative Solutions Towards Attaining the Millennium Development Goals

This project focused on inter-LGU cooperation to address the efficient and effective realization of the MDGs. Anchored on Section 33 of the Local Government Code, the promotion of inter-LGU cooperation in localizing the MDGs is expected to improve synergy in the delivery of basic services, provide a venue for generating inter-local solutions to development challenges that affects contiguous LGUs, effect institutional reforms, and demonstrate inter-LGU cooperation implementing MDG responsive projects. The demands of inter-local cooperation was confronted by expanding the localization process to involve citizens groups and the business sector infused with creative and strategic approaches. Local GAINS for the MDGs also intended to introduce rights-based and gender responsive approaches, harness local leadership through social artistry, MDG progress tracking, citizens’ feedback mechanism and a sustained and decentralized capacity development by engaging the academe and local resource institutions in the localization process using town and gown approaches. This project operated with a knowledge generation system that enables local partners to document and publish toolkits for replication. One of these published toolkits is the MDG-focused Barangay Development Planning Manual Using the Rights-Based Approach. The project has been successfully implemented in Butuan, focused on inter-governmental coordination in the sub-region; with sharing to other sub-regional cities. This project was completed in September 2006.

Local Gains for the MDGs

Results on the ground:

  • 14 cities with poverty and development baselines
  • 14 cities with MDG Targets mainstreamed in city plans and budgets
  • 14 cities with MDG-focused legislative measures and mechanisms
  • 14 cities with constituency feedback mechanisms
  • 14 cities with communication plans
  • Instituted MDG Localization Structures in Butuan City : (1) The MDG Localization Management Committee and the (2) Butuan City Multi-sectoral MDG Localization Consultative Committee
  • Formulated the Butuan City MDG Targets
  • Inter-localization of the MDGs demonstrated in the MDG River Park
  • Mainstreamed HR and Gender Responsive Standards in MDG Localization
  • Development of the Citizens’ Feedback Mechanism
  • Innovative Leadership through Social Artistry

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