MDG Localization Dissemination

With the experiences drawn from the three (3) years of deliberately localizing the MDGs in selected local government units in the Philippines and the lessons gained along the way.

A multi-year programme Localizing the Millennium Development Goals in the Cities: Knowledge Consolidation and Dissemination or L-MDGs Dissemination Programme was developed with the following initial (Phase 1) purposes:

  1. Package an MDG Localization and Knowledge Dissemination Tool drawn from the 3 years experience in localizing the MDGs in selected cities in the Philippines . The tool shall also incorporate and integrate existing knowledge on good urban governance and secure tenure developed by UN-Habitat.
  2. Conduct documentation and researches for depth of knowledge and complete city stories in localizing the MDGs, enhance the UN-Habitat Webpage and webpage management manual.
  3. The project shall also serve to strengthen the capacity of UN-Habitat to initiate the L-MDGs dissemination programme onwards to 2010 by mobilizing programme resources.