In 2003, UN-Habitat launched good urban governance and secure tenure campaigns in the Philippines. A year after, a series of projects for assisting cities in localizing the millennium development goals was started. Thus, the UN-Habitat Country Office in the Philippines was established.

Here are the details of past projects:

Designing with Communities and Building with Nature for Climate Resilient Neighborhoods (CCCI and MDG-F in Sorsogon City) (2008–2012)

Localizing the Millennium Development Goals in the Cities: Knowledge Consolidation and Dissemination (L-MDGs Dissemination) (2007-2010)

Family-based Actions for Children and their Environs in the Slums (FACES)  (2008-2009)

Citizens Action & Local Leadership (CALL) to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals (2007-2008)

Mitigating the Effects of External Threats (MEET) to the Millennium Development Goals (2006)

Sustainable Philippine Cities (2006)

The Integrated Approaches to Poverty Reduction at the Neighborhood Level (IMPACT) – A Cities Without Slums Initiative (2005-2007)

Localizing the Millennium Development Goals (L-MDGs) (2005-2007)

Millennium Development Goals Mainstreaming (2005)

Promoting Slum Upgrading Frameworks Favorable to the Urban Poor (2002 to 2004)

Local Gains for the Millennium Development Goals (2004-2006)

Support to Urban Philippine Forum (2001)

Local Environmental Planning and Management (1998-2002)

Good Practices in Local Governance: Facility for Adaptation and Replication