Rebuilding Marawi Vol 5: Environment and Social Safeguards

The Environment and Social Safeguards (ESS) Handbook and Compendium of Tools provides overall guidance on the integration of environmental and social safeguards within the People’s Process as demonstrated in UN-Habitat’s humanitarian support in Marawi City. It focuses on relationships with the environment, society, and impact of conflict on the environment and peacebuilding. Applicable tools for ESS activities from baseline data collection to evaluation are also presented.

Environment and Social Safeguards is the fifth of the six-volume publication developed from UN-Habitat Philippines’ comprehensive knowledge and experience in implementing the Rebuilding Marawi through Community-driven Shelter and Livelihood. Funded by the Government of Japan, the Rebuilding Marawi project provided permanent shelters and livelihood support to families internally displaced by the Marawi Siege.

Publication type: Manual

Year published: 2022

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