Rapid Self-Assessment Tool on EPR-Readiness of LGUs

This Rapid Self-Assessment Tool on Extended Producer Responsibility (ER)-readiness aims to provide a rapid guidance for local government units (LGUs) in identifying EPR-readiness indicators. It also aims to guide local stakeholders in identifying gaps to become “EPR ready” to collaborate with OEs in reducing or recycling plastic packaging.

This tool was initially conceptualized and designed by UN-Habitat Philippines’ Healthy Oceans and Clean Cities Initiative, Department of Environment and Natural Resources – Environmental and Management Bureau, and Department of the Interior and Local Government Region 4A during the EPR-Readiness Orientation-Workshop organized for Region 4A on June 9, 2023.

Download here: Self-Assessment Tool for EPR-Readiness of LGUs

Publication type: Tool

Year published: 2023

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