IEC posters on marine plastic litter

Aimed to support local government units, communities, schools, business, advocacy groups, and other actors on waste management and marine litter reduction, Healthy Oceans and Clean Cities Initiative (HOCCI) developed three informational posters related to marine plastic litter. The posters may be used for various information, education, and communication (IEC) initiatives.

  • How Plastics End Up in the Ocean: Marine Sources and Pathways – by knowing the sources of marine plastic litter and how they end up in the marine environment, we can find ways to reduce and prevent them from ending up in our rivers and oceans
  • Impacts of Plastic Litter on Marine Environment – gives an overview of the major impacts of plastic litter such as entanglement/entrapment, habitat destruction, ingestion, and more
  • Mga Plastik na Basura: Paano Ba I-klasipika? – provides additional guidance on how to classify plastic waste based on the resin identification code and Waste Analysis and Characterization Study guidelines issues by the National Solid Waste Management Commission

The posters are available for download in digital/web and print versions.

Editable versions are also available for download with proper credit to UN-Habitat.

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