Mechanism to customize a suitable Extended Producer Responsibility model for plastic packaging waste in the Philippines

This paper presents the different EPR models and its application to plastic waste management in selected Asian countries, and looks into then approved EPR bills*, proposed EPR mechanisms from the private and non-government sectors, and existing EPR-similar schemes from other organizations. The paper discusses recommendations for a collaborative framework for an EPR mechanism in the Philippines.

The paper was developed by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies with support from UN-Habitat, under the Government of Japan-funded Healthy Oceans and Clean Cities Initiative.

*Note: The Extended Producer Responsibility Act of 2022 or RA 11898 was enacted on July 2022, coinciding with the finalization of this HOCCI policy paper. The recommendations presented in this paper provide an overview of a possible EPR mechanism that could serve as a guide to operationalize RA 11898, in particular, as inputs to a possible national framework on EPR for all types of product waste.

Download here: HOCCI – Extended Producer Responsibility

Publication type: policy/white paper

Year: 2022

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