Urban October 2021: Philippine Events

Urban October is an opportunity for everyone to be part of the conversation about the challenges and opportunities created by the fast rate of change in our cities and towns. It is a month of exciting meetings, discussions and events focusing the world’s attention on urban issues and sustainable development.

Our focus this 2021

The fight against climate change, which presents the single biggest threat to sustainable development, will be won or lost in cities and towns. This year’s Urban October will focus on the climate crisis which is also the theme of UN-Habitat’s campaign #ClimateAction4Cities.

Urban October begins on 4 October with World Habitat Day with the theme Accelerating urban action for a carbon-free world.  As cities are responsible for some 70 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions, we will look at how to reduce these emissions and create sustainable, carbon-neutral, inclusive cities and towns.

Urban October ends with World Cities Day on 31 October with the theme Adapting Cities for Climate Resilience as cities worldwide are increasingly suffering the effects of climate-related disasters, such as floods, droughts, sea level rise, heatwaves, landslides and storms. World Cities Day will look at creating more sustainable, climate-resilient societies.

Urban October in the Philippines

UN-Habitat and its partner Philippine government agencies to underscore how the effects of urbanization and climate change converge in dangerous ways, and how addressing these effects cuts across the different sectors and mandates. Urban October also coincides with Philippine National Shelter Month led by the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD).

Mark your calendars, here are the key events and initiatives for 2021 Urban October.

World Habitat Day event, October 4 | UN-Habitat

The kickoff event which will focus on climate change mitigation with particular focus on the waste sector. It will feature a technical session that will provide the global and national context of the intersect between waste management and climate change, and a discussion on concrete mitigation actions from cities, NGO, and the private sector to highlight local circular economy and waste management solutions. It will be led by UN-Habitat’s Healthy Oceans and Clean Cities Initiative (HOCCI).

World Cities Day event, October 29 | UN-Habitat, LCP

The culminating event will focus on climate impacts on cities and adapting cities to climate change. It will be an opportunity for local leaders to showcase successful adaptation projects and initiatives. The event will be led by UN-Habitat’s Building Climate Resiliency through Urban Plans and Design (BCRUPD) and the League of Cities of the Philippines (LCP).

National Shelter Month Virtual Launch, October 1 | DHSUD 

UN-Habitat will support and promote the virtual launch of the Philippine National Shelter Month led by the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD).

#Innovate4Cities Conference, October 11-15, 2021 | UN-Habitat, GCOM

UN-Habitat’s BCRUPD will support the participation of DHSUD in the international conference led by UN-Habitat and the Global Covenant of Mayors.

International Conference on Human Settlements Planning and Development (ICHSPD), October 20-22, 2021 | UP DCERP

UN-Habitat will deliver the keynote address (Oct 20) of the conference organized by the University of the Philippines – Department of Community and Environmental Resource Planning. UN-Habitat will also lead two organized sessions: “Marine Litter and the New Urban Agenda” (Oct 21) and “Developing the Resilient Human Settlement Framework” (Oct 22).

Kapihan sa DHSUD: Housing Matters, month-long

Kapihan is an in-depth forum organized by DHSUD aimed to better raise public awareness on the government’s housing policies and programs and actively engage stakeholders. UN-Habitat will co-organize its October episodes in line with the Urban October theme. The episodes will air on the DHSUD Facebook page.

#KwentongClimate, month-long

#KwentongClimate is a video series which brings the climate conversation to common individuals. The video series aims to raise awareness on climate change by discussing it through the lens of ordinary people on the ground, in the context of their place/community. The video series will be featured on the UN-Habitat Facebook page.

Other supported events:

  • ASEAN Sustainable Urbanization Forum 2021 (October 6-8)
  • International Metropolitan Congress 2021 (October 9, 16, 23, 30)

Are you organizing an Urban October event in your city or community? Promote it on the Urban October global calendar. For more information, visit https://urbanoctober.unhabitat.org/.

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