Banner and stage at the Turnover Ceremony.

Caloocan, May 31 2012 — Today marked the day for 31 fortunate families who realized their dream of owning a home. The Ancop Camia Community (KACAHAI) constructed 31 houses for the victims of typhoon Ondoy who built their makeshift shelter temporarily at a staging area in Malaria Area, Caloocan City. The project is a partnership between UN-Habitat, BASF, BDO Foundation, CFC Ancop Tekton Foundation Inc., Barangay 185, City of Caloocan and National Housing Authority. The houses were built with materials donated by the sponsor and with the “Love Sweat Equity” (Bayanihan) of the partner families. Bayanihan worked so well that not only were the homeowners able to finish the houses on time but they were united into having one vision and mission. The construction was under the supervision of the technical group of Couples for Christ Ancop-Tekton Foundation Inc.

Tour of new homes.

The half-day event started with a Holy Mass and house blessing by presiding priest Father Bobong Francisco who delivered a touching homily about making each house a home where people build a FAMILY (which stand for Father And Mother, I Love You). The ANCOP Samahan Kids, led by Rowena Madelo, sang the National Anthem with childlike freshness and hope appropriate to the fresh start in the new homes. Bro. Nick Olivar welcomed the partners and guests who shared in the happy occasion. Mr. Mark Tagalag, CFC Sector lead, explained the project’s rationale and how it materialized together with the partners as well as the challenges it hurdled leading to its successful completion.

Mr. Jesus Tirona, a Trustee of Banco de Oro Foundation, was proud that BDO took part in fulfilling other people’s dream.  Ms. Flor Pan, BASF President and Managing Director, emphasized the benefit having a small home which gives the family the opportunity to do things together, making each activity a family experience. She also thanked the home partners for giving them the opportunity to reach out to others and help.

UN-Habitat Country Programme Manager Christopher Rollo encouraged the home owners to keep the place as beautiful as when they first acquired it and improve it over time and not allow it to deteriorate into a slum.  He stressed that as love binds a FAMILY, so should love also bind the community as home partners to work together in keeping the CAMIA community livable especially in the advent of disaster. He also informed the home partners that UN- Habitat is committed in helping the community, and the city as a whole, in finding solutions to other issues like disaster risk reduction and livelihood.  ANCOP President Bro. Erick delos Reyes highlighted that the built structures represent fulfilled dreams and that the transformation of community ultimately leads to the transformation of humanity.  He thanked the Camia community and families for binding the partners together where they did not know each other before, for touching their lives and for raising their level of humanity.

Presentation of a 'key' to the new houses at the Turnover Ceremony.

ANCOP President Erick delos Reyes, BDO Foundation Trustee Carlos Tirona, KACAHAI President Tony Milano, NHA Project Manager Engineer Ramon Reside, BASF President and Managing Director Flor Pan, BDO Foundation President Maureen Abelardo and UN-Habitat Country Programme Manager Cris Rollo.

The signed MOA was turned over by the partner organizations, namely, BDO Foundation, UN Habitat, BASF, NHA and ANCOP to KACAHAI President Antonio Milano who accepted the finished houses in behalf of the beneficiary partner families.

Mr. Milano fervently thanked the partners in helping the families realize the dream of owning their house. He reminded the families that it is now their responsibility to improve the place and show the partners that their help will not go to waste.  The success of the CAMIA community project will eventually inspire them to help more communities.

A day filled with appreciation, gratefulness and overflowing love ended with a bountiful thanksgiving feast prepared by the new home owners. To the 31 new home owners, congratulations and good luck as you embark on a new phase of building new lives and community.

Turnover ceremony participants.

Cities and Climate Change Initiatives in Sorsogon CityThis set of information flyers presents the Cities and Climate Change Initiative piloted in Sorsogon City, Philippines.

This series contains ten 4-page flyers that describes the climate change and urban issues that the city face, the Local Government Unit’s responses, the processes that its multi-stakeholders underwent and the outcomes of the projects.

1. Cities and Climate Change Initiatives in the Philippines and Sorsogon City

2. Assessing City’s Vulnerability and Adaptive City to Climate Change

3. Strategizing Towards Sustainable Settlements Through Local Shelter Planning

4. Making Houses Resilient Through Climate Change

5. Mainstreaming Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in Development and Land Use Plans

6. Promoting SMART Schools for Climate Change Adaptation

7. Mitigating Climate Change Through Environmental Management

8. Strengthening Livelihoods and Income-generating Capacities for Climate Change Adaptation

9. Community Participation in Climate Change Initiatives

10. Communicating Climate Change to Enchance Community Capacities to Adapt and Mitigate its Impact

Date published: May 2012
Publication type: Information Flyers
Pages: Ten 4-page flyers

Malaria, May 5 2012 — UN-Habitat organized a house building activity last May 05, 2012 in Camia community in partnership with Answering the Cry of the Poor (ANCOP). This is part of the collaborative efforts of BDO Foundation, UN-Habitat, BASF and ANCOP to provide decent homes to 31 households displaced to a staging area in Barangay Malaria after their old houses were destroyed by typhoon Ondoy in 2009.  Twenty-four volunteers came to Malaria, Caloocan City to support the ANCOP Camia community members who are finishing the last batch of houses that will be turned over to the beneficiary families by the end of May 2012. Staff of UN-Habitat, UNAIDS, IOM and DTI with their family members and friends painted house interiors, assisted in setting hollow blocks and plastered interior walls.

Building Lives Through the BDO, UN-Habitat and ANCOP House Build

Left photo: ANCOP representative Mr. Jojo Calderon orienting the volunteers about the community. Middle photo: The model house at far left and a few of the finished units. Right photo. ANCOP representatives with UN-Habitat HPM Mr. Cris Rollo and Camia community president Mr. Antonio Milano (far right).


For the volunteers, this activity gave them the opportunity to contribute to society and to learn from the experience. IOM volunteers, who were used to doing general office work, administrative or finance tasks, although indirectly involved in community assistance through their agency, had the chance to actually build houses and support communities just like their field personnel. An UNAIDS staff considered the activity as a character-building opportunity for his sons to learn the value of helpfulness and concern for others. In the end, everyone went home tired but content knowing that with the house build, lives were built—both for those who were helped and those who lent their hands and heart to fulfill other people’s dreams.

Building Lives Through the BDO, UN-Habitat and ANCOP House Build 2