Microsoft Word - Participatory Climate Change V&A Assessment_revThis toolkit was developed to be a guide and reference for local governments and other stakeholders for conducting climate change vulnerability and adaptation assessments (V&AA). In conjunction with a climate footprint assessments (or greenhouse gas inventories) V&AA are a critical first step in developing the local climate change profile, which would guide the development of a local climate change response.

This toolkit aims to share the processes and tools that local governments could use in conducting a V&AA. It is based on the experience from Sorsogon City, Philippines where such an assessment was concluded in early 2010. The purpose of featuring the first‐hand experience from a local government is to showcase the doability of the processes and to showcase the tools used. The approach is premised on the understanding that local governments better learn from each other.

Date published: September 2 2010
Publication type: Toolkit — Download PDF
Pages: 51