These presentations were prepared and presented to stakeholders in Sorsogon City, as part of the Strengthening Philippine City Capacities to Address Climate Change Impacts (SPCC2ACCI) programme.


Slide 3Monitoring and Evaluation

This is a Powerpoint presentation on the monitoring and evaluation methodology used within the SPCC2ACCI programme.

Date published: June 4 2010
Publication type: Presentation — Download PDF
Pages: 8 (slides)


Process-based knowledge mapping

The presentation outlines the basic guidelines in documenting the processes and experience in implementing the climate change project in Sorsogon City.

Date published: December 2 2009
Publication type: Presentation — Download PDF
Pages: 13 (slides)


Communication Planning for Development

Powerpoint presentation to Sorsogon City Climate Change Technical Working Group (TWG) and Issue Working Groups (IWGs).

The presentation outlines the communication planning principles and process that guided the TWG and IWGs in developing their communication plans for the climate change project.

Date published: October 19 2009
Publication type: Presentation — Download PDF  (PDF)
Pages: 18 (slides)