Training-Workshop On Documenting Good Practices For Effective Local Governance - A Trainer’s Manual-1This training manual was produced by the The Galing Pook Foundation, an independent organization whose mission is to search and recognize outstanding programs of local governments in the Philippines. It also aims to assist in building the capacity of local government units through dissemination of innovative and effective LGU programs.

With this training manual on the “how-to’s” of documentation, the Galing Pook Foundation hopes to facilitate or even accelerate the identification and dissemination of good/exemplary practices.

The Manual is intended for use by a trainer who is well-versed in the adult learning approach and possesses the facilitating skills to conduct structured learning exercises.

The Manual consists of two parts. Part I contains the module/session guides from Day 0 to Day 4 and the corresponding handouts for each module design. The module guides are quite detailed and easy to follow. Each guide indicates the day and time of conduct, objectives, resources and handouts needed, and finally, the step-by-step procedure.

Part II contains readings from which trainers can derive more substantial inputs that he or she can deliver during the training. The trainer, however, should not be limited to these readings as there are many other materials out there that he/she can utilize to deepen knowledge on the topics in this training-workshop.

Published by: Galing Pook Foundation
Date published: February 14 2007
Publication type: Training Manual — Download PDF
Pages: 62