Mr. Rodel Falcasantos, a city architect, presents the proposed urban design integrating the planned city extension area and economic development drivers.

UN-Habitat has continued to provide technical and specialist support to Zamboanga City, with a three-day workshop held to refine and enhance the plans for a city extension.

Held 2-4 March 2016, the workshop focused on local economic development – specifically assisting the city to refine the planned city extension (PCE) in a way that best supports and expands local economic opportunities.

More than 25 heads and officers from various Zamboanga City and local government unit departments participated in the workshop, as well as representatives from the United Architects of the Philippines Zamboanga City Chapter.

The discussions identified value chains and the inter-related links with existing development plans, laws and financial opportunities. Specifically, the workshop focused on:

Regional connections and industry mapping. This forged links between the comprehensive land use plan (CLUP), local economic development (LED), and the PCE.914

Value chain analysis and spatial translation of industry components. This exercise brought out economic support components that were integrated with the PCE land uses, including projections for labor market and skills requirement.

Magnets and paper clips of economic activities. This exercise took a closer look at the PCE clusters and identified the growth drivers (magnets) and expected subsequent developments (paperclips).

Design charettes, where an urban transect and architectural and estate perspectives visualized the expected socio-economic state of the PCE.915

Investment and marketing portfolio, where participants capitalized the identified economic magnets and created sample descriptions to market the PCE. This exercise provided prioritization of investment components based on financial and spatial feasibility.

The workshop was held at the Garden Orchid Hotel, Zamboanga City. Additional support will be provided to the city in the coming months.