UN-Habitat needs a short-term consultant to document technical sessions of the Roundtable Discussion on Climate Change in Urban Development being held on 26–27 July 2018, at Novotel Manila, Philippines.

Working in coordination with UN-Habitat team, the short-term consultant will perform the following tasks:

  1. Guided by the workshop programme, document the substantive discussions and ensure that inputs, queries, comments, and elaborations on workshop outputs are covered:
  • highlights of presentations (per topic) as reflected in the program
  • highlights of sharing of efforts and initiatives on GHG inventory/management and  formulation of LCCAP
  • essential questions and answers on specific topics
  • capture the substantive discussions and outputs of the workshops (as indicated in the program)
  • messages of invited resource persons
  1. Capture and summarize action points discussed and agreed upon.
  2. Consolidate all presentation materials and workshop outputs; organize them into folders and subfolders based on the programme segments and/or sequence of events; and include a link to them in the documentation report.
  3. Integrate post evaluation results into the documentation report.
  4. Submit the documentation report 5 working days after the last day of the workshop.
  5. Submit final documentation report after one revision round, reflecting comments, feedback, inputs, or changes 3 working days upon receipt of the prescribed revisions.

Full Terms of Reference Here:
TOR_RTD Urban and CC_Documenter