Position Title                                   :               Writer

Project Reference                           :               Building Climate Resiliency through Urban Plans & Designs

(BCRUPD) Project

Duty Station                                    :               Metro Manila

Work Focus                                      :               Report writing and packaging

Work-days Duration                      :               10 working days, beginning September 15, 2018

Duty Assignment                            :               Home-based

Deadline of Application                :               02 October 2018


Purpose of the Assignment

This consultancy aims to document the discussions and agreements, ideas, and scalable solutions for addressing urban climate issues as well as the recommended policies, strategies and actions to deepen the linkages between climate action and sustainable urban development and design during the two-day roundtable meeting on “Mainstreaming Urban Issues into the National Climate Action Plan and NDCs”. The consultant will be tasked to process all the session outputs and consolidate the individual reports during the breakout sessions into one general report.

The general report shall be used as reference for recommending actions and strategies for updating existing and designing future climate change policies and training modules that already reflect urban adaption and mitigation needs, priorities and responsibilities for action.

Expected Results

  1. Packaged individual reports of the six (6) breakout groups which would cover the substantive discussions (ie, inputs, queries, comments, and elaborations on workshop outputs) and agreements on the entry points for anchoring urban issues of the enhanced NUDHF along the NCCAP’s thematic priorities; and insights on urban issues and opportunities envisioned in the NCCAP revision process.
  1. General report covering the following sections:

b.1.a  Presentations on the policy anchors and enabling frameworks for pursuing urban climate actions at      the local level and mainstreaming urban issues and the built environment into development planning and practice.

b.1.b  Discussions of the moderated panel discussion including participants’ reactions, comments, inputs and reflections on the challenges and opportunities for integrating urban climate solutions into the NCCAP and NDCs considering the policies and possible actions presented.

b.2.a  Presentations of CCC on the updates on the NCCAP Focus area accomplishments, and current and emerging concerns that may relate to urban development in the country; and the NDC target relative to the thematic priority concerned.

b.2.b Break-out group discussions on urban development and urban management concerns in the six NCCAP thematic areas (ie, Food Security, Water Sufficiency, Human Security, Ecosystems and Environmental Stability, Climate-Smart Industries and Services, and Sustainable Energy). This section should be able to show key points discussed, including gaps and opportunities for a convergence between urban and climate change concerns, and covering the following aspects:

  • Desired results to be achieved in the climate change focus area in the urban setting (as aligned in the PNUA, NUDHF, SDGs, etc)
  • Issues/problem/bottlenecks (current and emerging) that hampers or challenges the achievement of the desired outcomes
  • Proposed actions/solutions for addressing identified issues/problem/bottlenecks
  • Indicators for measuring achievement of results in the urban setting considering the proposed actions/solutions provided and the actors to be involved

b.2.c  Comments and inputs from other groups on the impacts/relation of the outputs to other focus areas (based on the initially assigned focus area)


Required Qualifications  

Educational Requirement     :     Has a Bachelor’s Degree in development communications, social marketing,

journalism, media or other related field;

Work Experience                     :    Has at least five (5) years of relevant experience on similar assignment; has a

prior experience in the documentation of climate change and environment

related events; understands UN-Habitat mandate;

Language Requirement          :    Excellent communication skills – both verbal and writing


Please download the Terms of Reference for the complete details of the post.


Interested applicants are requested to send their applications and attach the signed and completed UN Personal History Form (P.11) together with the copy of their CVs to rea.epistola@un.org and copy rostrata@un.org

Kindly indicate the “Application to the Post Title” on or before  2 October 2018 .