Position Title            :             Copy Editor – Local Climate Change Actions Plans of five cities

Project Reference    :             Vertical Integration and Learning for Low Emission Development (VLED) Project

Duration                    :             Two months

Start Date                  :             October 2018

Type of Contract      :             Individual Contractor (IC)



The copy editor directly reports to the VLED Project Coordinator of UN-Habitat Philippines and any authorized staff of UN-Habitat Philippines. He/she will be responsible for the following tasks on the full version of the five (5) cities’ LCCAPs.

First review round:

  • Check against plagiarism (please use the online plagiarism checker https://www.scanmyessay.com)
  • Edit for grammar, spelling (preferably American spelling; e.g., “color,” not “colour”), and proper punctuation using a globally recognized editorial style guide approved by UN-Habitat (e.g., Chicago Manual, Associated Press).
  • Check for consistency in terms or various forms of the same word. E.g., resilience vs. resiliency. There is a preference for the more commonly used variant (in this case, “resilience”). Exceptions, however, include references to other publications like titles, chapter heads. (E.g., “The chapter in the Philippine New Urban Agenda titled ‘Urban Resiliency in the 21st Century’”)
  • Suggest, using the comment tool, recast of text or syntax where needed for clarity or elimination of ambiguity
  • Ensure that all sections or chapters are complete (all front matter and all chapters are present and in the right order)
  • Titles (chapter heads, headers, subheads) must be checked against the table of contents and any discrepancy should be queried.
  • Citation references are complete and conform to a globally recognized editorial style guide (e.g., Chicago Manual, Associated Press)
  • Appendixes, if any, are complete
  • Footnotes are complete
  • Tables, charts, graphs, figures, boxes are complete
  • Abbreviations protocol is complied with (fully spelled at first mention, acronym or abbreviation used in subsequent mentions, fully spelled again if not mentioned after five consecutive pages or at first mention in a new chapter)
  • Check tables not only for internal consistency but for conformity with the text and other relevant tables in the same work. Totals should be checked, and any discrepancies queried
  • Subheads should be checked for uniformity of style as well as consistency with the text in spelling, hyphenation, and italics.
  • All references to tables, figures, appendixes, bibliographies, or other parts of the work should be checked. Any discrepancy should be queried.
  • Prepare the front matter as necessary, including a title page, table of contents, and list of tables and figures. Copyright page text will be provided by UN-Habitat.
  • Prepare a completed style sheet highlighting an alphabetized list of words or terms to be capitalized, italicized, hyphenated, spelled, or otherwise treated in a way unique to the manuscript.

Second review round

  • Revise manuscript accordingly to address/reflect any feedback from the UN-Habitat team on the first edit.

Third review round (laid out manuscript):

  • Check that all accepted revisions, annotations, and changes from the second review round are reflected in the layout file
  • Photographs, if any, are complete
  • Photographs have grammatically sound and appropriate captions
  • Running heads/feet are present
  • Page number in Contents match the actual pages in the publication
  • Titles and numbers of chapters, figures, tables, boxes, etc. in the Contents page match those in the actual pages of the publication
  • Pull quotes checked against the body text from which they are extrapolated to ensure consistency




Postgraduate degree in journalism, communications, or similar fields. A first level university degree in combination with relevant experience may be accepted in lieu of the advanced university degree.

Experience and skills:

  • A minimum of 5 years (if with Post-graduate degree or equivalent) or 8 years (if with first-level university degree) in journalism, communications or related fields.
  • Strong background on communications, editing, and/or publishing;
  • Experience in international organizations, multilateral institutions, global nonprofits, foundations, or UN agencies an asset;
  • Demonstrated experience in editorial work for development publications;
  • High proficiency (both oral and written) in English required.


Please download the Terms of Reference for the complete details of the post.